Get used to it

Will you though? Get used to it I mean? The deadlines, the paperwork, the behaviour issues, the pressure, the test results, the progress, the marking, the sleeplessness, the coffee overdosing, the massive amounts of chocolate, the staff meetings, the progress meetings, the planning, the evaluating, the chocolate, the stress… so you eat chocolate… This doesn’t […]

Little differences: England vs. Australia

Little differences I noticed in my first few weeks living in England. England: The motherland to the colony Australia, where many Australians can trace some kind of link, whether it be convict boat people, or a grand/parent. Many things have changed over the past two hundred plus years after colonisation and in our modern Australia, […]

Move to England: Goodbye

This is part of the blog series about moving to England from Australia: Saying goodbye is the hardest thing about moving to another country. Unless you are moving to get away from something or have no one to leave behind…. then it might not be so hard. The first time I moved overseas it was […]

Move to England: Packing

This is part of my new blog series about moving to England from Australia: September is the start of spring. Spring here in Australia means it’s Autumn in England. That means it will be cold when I arrive in England (Sept 14th), cold by my Aussie standards. By the time I get to England, summer will be […]