Back in Cambodia

It’s been 10 montha since I was last in Cambodia and 5 months since I booked this trip to go back and wrote on my blog about travel. I only had three days to prepare for Cambodia this time around because i had an intense 6 weeks of teaching prac to get through before I […]

Little update

Two days of teaching left but another week and a half until I head back home to Australia. I have Amity as my new co-teacher for my last week of teaching and the kids love her. I am still able to do some teaching but Amity leads the class the most. This week’s topic is […]

So this happened

So this happened today. This morning on the way to volunteer at BFOK school, myself and two other volunteer teachers got into a Tuk Tuk accident. The crash happened all in slow motion. I was sitting at the front and riding backwards when I heard our driver honk and slow down, just as I turned […]