London: New beginnings

My next adventure

Living life is in the experiences not the outcomes.

January, a friend of mine on Facebook liked a company called Point to point, which is a teaching recruitment agency for Asia and the UK. I typed in my email address to receive more information about it because I had already looked into other agencies such as Timeplan and ANZUK teachers, and wanted to compare them. Point to point literally called me the next day.

The next thing I know I am sending in my resume, a video about my passion for teaching and I was shortlisted for an interview for the end of March. What I have found really fantastic about P2P, is that they provide practice interviews over skype, I did several. Positive and constructive feedback was always given. I thought that even if I didn’t get the job, at least I would have had sufficient practice at interviews and I would be able to smash any other interview.

Anyway, my next adventure as of April 13th is teaching in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My excitement comes in waves of random moments of telling someone new that I have a job in England waiting for me to finish uni or realising how many weeks I have until I can apply for my visa. I am about to finish my final practicum for my degree (Primary Teaching) and then I will be moving to England from Australia. My offer is to start 1st of October and although they start their school year in September, I am really lucky to receive this position. I recently skyped with the principal of my school. We discussed which year group I prefer, what the behaviour management is like, living arrangements.

I am loving my final practicum right now and I am so focused on doing a good job that sometimes this next adventure is not even on my mind. I am grateful that I am having such as fantastic time teaching in my prac, with an amazing mentor teacher and really gaining confidence. I am living so much in the moment of this experience because of the teacher I want to be. I want to make a real impact on my students learning and in just four short week I can see them grow so much already. I know that when I am teaching in England, I will have no regrets about rushing towards my future because the lessons I am learning now will help my future students.


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