Get used to it

Will you though? Get used to it I mean? The deadlines, the paperwork, the behaviour issues, the pressure, the test results, the progress, the marking, the sleeplessness, the coffee overdosing, the massive amounts of chocolate, the staff meetings, the progress meetings, the planning, the evaluating, the chocolate, the stress… so you eat chocolate… This doesn’t […]

Top 5 Blogs I follow

These are the Top 5 blogs I follow and all for different reasons. Please┬ánote this list is my own and in no way sponsored my the following blogs. I found most of these through Pinterest (my love) and Youtube (some of these bloggers are Youtubers) as well as uni suggested (almost finished!). 5. For all […]

Tips for getting through ATP

Assistant teacher program or ATP is my final placement/internship of my four year Bachelor of Education.┬áIn less than a week I will be a qualified teacher! My final supervisor visit will be this week and I will be receiving my final score. I am aiming for a double outstanding, which may not be possible and […]

Little update

Two days of teaching left but another week and a half until I head back home to Australia. I have Amity as my new co-teacher for my last week of teaching and the kids love her. I am still able to do some teaching but Amity leads the class the most. This week’s topic is […]