Child free: Choices

The world is turning to sh**. The world is changing, with an increase in fear, hatred, and ignorance. The choice of being child free not childless, there is a difference, is one that I have made, even at 23. People who are childless often do not get the choice to be that way. People who […]

My Spiritual journey

Most of us are looking for meaning in life and religion has always been a big part of that. Why are we here? Who created us? Is there a heaven? A hell? Life after death? I have always been interested in other cultures and found that religion often adapts to cultures or helps cultural development. […]


Yesterday was my last psychologist appointment for the year and hopefully forever. This has been a hard journey of a very deep depression and high anxiety, which I have been suffering from for the last four months. I will not go into the causes but I will talk about my recovery with mindfulness, a form […]

Relationsh!t /!\ caution explicit content

White Ribbon day was the 25th of November and here are some popular twitter hashtags that I have seen a lot in the past few months. They are issues that are very close to my heart, relationship abuse, children of domestic violence and gender equality for both men and women! #YesAllWomen #WhyIStayed  #CDV White Ribbon Australia! and He […]


Yesterday I went to a beautiful wedding of a long time old family friend. It was a beautiful park ceremony and the attention to detail was perfect. The bride looked beautiful and was sensible enough not to be wearing high heels, but very glittery sandles which I totally approve of. A choreographed first dance which […]

Let’s talk about stress

Let’s talk about stress. Everyone gets stressed and our world in ever increasingly stressful. We all stress about relationships, money, our work load… and it is when we begin to get sick that you begin to stress about health as well which leads to a never ending cycle continuous stress and health issues. Psychological issues […]