Little differences: England vs. Australia

Little differences I noticed in my first few weeks living in England. England: The motherland to the colony Australia, where many Australians can trace some kind of link, whether it be convict boat people, or a grand/parent. Many things have changed over the past two hundred plus years after colonisation and in our modern Australia, […]

Bed making challenge 

Yes, you read that right! Today I am blogging about a personal challenge where I make my bed every morning for a week. I never make my bed. I’ve never been one to have a very tidy room either. I live in organised chaos. I can find just about anything in my messy room, its […]

Top 5 Pinterest boards

I am obsessed with Pinterest. If I have anything to research or want to look up I go straight to Pinterest, then Google. My advice for being organised on Pinterest is to have themes and creative names. I have 22 boards. Fashion is in four separate boards, work fashion, accessories, everyday fashion and How many ways […]