The only way is Essex

When I was preparing for my interview to teach in the Essex area, I asked a family friend who lives in the UK,  if she knew anything about it. She sent me a link to the TV show, The only way is Essex and told me about the main Essex stereotype. The Essex accent Fake […]


A year ago I watched a video of people reacting to K-drama and became interested in Boys Over Flowers. Let’s just say I was hooked! BoF led to City Hunter with the same male lead, then Flower Boy Ramen Shop which was light hearted like BoF. After watching these three shows in a short amount […]

Slaughterhouse five

I had Slaughterhouse Five sitting in my bookcase for nearly a year and I don’t remember why I even brought it. I brought two books with me to Cambodia, both set in WWII, Diary of Anne Frank which my brother brought for me and Slaughterhouse five. It was nice and thin so I started reading […]

First few days in china

Singapore airlines had once again been the airline I used to travel overseas. A great experience again from the airline. However both flights, firstly from Perth to Singapore and then Singapore to Shanghai were quite bumpy but that could not be helped. I woke up at 230am so that I could get to the airport […]

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë is one of my all time favourite stories. I have seen several adaptions of this Gothic classic, 2011 starring Colin Clive and Virginia Bruce, 1997 version directed by Robert Young and my favourite the BBC 2006 version staring Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester, Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre Today I watched the 2011 version for the second […]