My Europe travel wishlist

1. Germany German was my first second language,  as part of Steiner education, which I began learning in year one or two, I am not totally sure. Did I retain any of it? No. Do I still want to visit the country of the language I once learnt as a kid? Defiantly. Germany has been […]

Get used to it

Will you though? Get used to it I mean? The deadlines, the paperwork, the behaviour issues, the pressure, the test results, the progress, the marking, the sleeplessness, the coffee overdosing, the massive amounts of chocolate, the staff meetings, the progress meetings, the planning, the evaluating, the chocolate, the stress… so you eat chocolate… This doesn’t […]

Child free: Choices

The world is turning to sh**. The world is changing, with an increase in fear, hatred, and ignorance. The choice of being child free not childless, there is a difference, is one that I have made, even at 23. People who are childless often do not get the choice to be that way. People who […]