Scottish Summer: Traveling Teacher Part 1

Part 1
This trip is my most unorganised, last minute, mostly unplanned trip I have ever taken! I only booked something the Thursday before work finished. One week ago!  Even now as I write this (Thursday 3rd August) on a train to Newcastle to get to Jedbugh, I still have three nights of accommodation to organise and something to do after I leave Kirkwall on the 20th… Should I head home or go somewhere else?

To be honest I really don’t mind it. 


As for packing I have a small suitcase and my backpack. I have packed lots of layers and small essentials like my iPad and a total of three books, one of them I am currently reading. I also have audiobooks and plenty of music. My aim for this trip will be lots of music and reading and relaxation by getting lost in new places around Scotland. 
I chose to backpack/travel around Scotland this summer holidays because it won’t be as cold as if I were to travel around Scotland in my February holiday break. I hope for sunshine but I would be even happier with no rain, wouldn’t mind the clouds. 
So far my trip will include:

  1. Jedbugh 
  2. Edinburgh 
  3. Glasgow
  4. Three day tour of Isle of sky
  5. Three days of ???
  6. Kirkwall 

Suggestions will be appreciated.
(Update: Saturday 5th August)
My trip to Jedbugh was a real adventure, with an hour and a half to kill in Newcastle before the only bus (number 131 to Jedbugh at 1:30pm) to Jedbugh. I explored Newcastle and found a castle. 
I, then caught an uber to the station I needed to be at, but I listened to the driver when he said there are no coach services from there. As he took me to the National Express coach station, I saw the bus which was leaving…. Should have listened to my own instincts and google maps. 
So, I then had to wait over an hour for a National Express coach to take me as far as Berwick (£20 for a two hour journey) then a Boarders Bus to Kelso (£4.50 for a 1hr journey) then a taxi to Jedbugh (£25 for a 20 minute journey). What would have taken me 2 hours and £7-8 to travel from Newcastle to Jedbugh, took me three and a bit and £40+. As well as a whole lot of anxiety but music helped with that for example my jittery anxious playlist includes:

  • Rolex by Ayo & Teo
  • Greedy by Ariana Grande
  • Higher and higher by Jackie Wilson
  • Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves
  • I want you back by The Jackson 5
  • Bootylicious by Destinys Child
  • Work from home by Fifth Harmony 
  • Wristwatch by Hungry kids of Hungary 
  • Wristwatch music video

However, Jedbugh is a lovely boarder town with a castle, abbey and the best burger I’ve ever had


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