Get used to it

Will you though? Get used to it I mean?

The deadlines, the paperwork, the behaviour issues, the pressure, the test results, the progress, the marking, the sleeplessness, the coffee overdosing, the massive amounts of chocolate, the staff meetings, the progress meetings, the planning, the evaluating, the chocolate, the stress… so you eat chocolate… This doesn’t feel like the half of it.

Who can be bothered by it all except teachers and people who really love their job. They all say that it will get easier, but does it? They then say, you will get used to it, but will you? Truly?

The retention rates of newly qualified teachers in Australia are between 30-50% within their first 5 years!

What hope do we newly qualified teachers have when facing those statistics and the above list of responsibilities?

We just learn to cope. This half term has been better than the last and I hope the next will be even better.

I cope by doing the following:

To practice finding one good thing about the day. To fit in some me time like walking to work each morning or Saturday as no work at all day. I listen to jazz music to when marking because it doesn’t have lyrics to distract me.

Coffee Table Jazz on Spotify is my friend. I tried classical but it made me sleepy and I’ve also tried Disney music without lyrics but I knew the songs too well.

Write lists for everything to make it feel like you are being productive. Create a file for everything and actually take the time to sort it all out. I like to wear lipstick that stands out like deep purple or red.


Last half term was ten times better than before Christmas and I am pretty happy I am sticking it out. Surviving. Hopefully the new half term is going to be even better.

Always stay positive!


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