Child free: Choices

The world is turning to sh**. The world is changing, with an increase in fear, hatred, and ignorance.

The choice of being child free not childless, there is a difference, is one that I have made, even at 23. People who are childless often do not get the choice to be that way. People who are child free often choose so for a number of reasons.

My reasons include:

1. Genetics: Three concerning things I am likely to pass down to my children include mental illness, cancer and heart disease. While they may seem like common illnesses and almost everyone has someone in their family who has had depression, cancer or a heart attack, they are very common in my family. Mental illness for one runs on both sides of my family, me, my mum, my dad,  my brother, a first cousin are just the few close family members I know who suffer from maybe depression or anxiety or more. Therefore, due to my own anxiety, I would not like to pass on these genetic traits.

2. As I said in my opening sentence, the world is changing. This reason for being child free has nothing to do with anxiety about the future, becaus I do believe in a future for the human race. While I am a teacher and I hope to equip my future students with the skills to survive, thrive and change the world for the better, I do not want to bring a child into a world that has so much violence, injustice, climate change and one day about 50 or so years from now fuel shortages. You could blame this concern on my anxiety like I admitted to in the above paragraph but if you look around you can see that it is justified.

3. My final and main reason for wanting to live child free is that the idea of being pregnant and giving birth disgusts me, right to my core,  makes me want to vomit. I find that the idea that something can live inside me, gross. Pregnancy glow? Happy bouncy baby? Their first steps or smile? Sure it is nice for other people who want that, but I don’t want something to rely on me forever. I do not want to lose my identity, my freedom to travel and live anywhere without the added stress of children. But back to the gross parts, like the stress of society to have kids or know about how you raise them, or damaged body parts due to birth, or a pregnancy belly that protrudes out of your body like some growth or parasite that takes all your energy…. Yeah it all looks disgusting to me.

More on choices:

I believe babies should be planned and accidents like bringing another life into this world should only be because you truly want one and can handle the responsibility, preferably with a partner and stability, like work and money. This might be a conservative view or offensive to some people, but I find I can be judgmental about this issue.


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