The end (of teaching anyway) in Cambodia

You would think being stuck on crutches and not going out for over a week, would have left me with plenty of free time to write my blog or something but honestly I have no idea where my time went! In my third week I was at school for only two days where I taught shapes.

Monday we introduced shapes! Four shapes specifically, square, circle, triangle and heart. On Sunday night My co-teacher Georgie and I stayed up late cutting and laminating shapes of difference colours and sizes. We began each lesson with a video played on Georgie’s laptop and the circle activity where we all sit in a circle and ask each other questions, how are you, what is your name, how old are you, what is your favourite colour? Back in the classrooms introduced shapes, circle, heart, triangle and square. I also put two shapes behind my back and then I brought one out the class had to say the shape, I mixed it up and tried to trick the students.

We were going to create Mr. Shape Face but we decided student hadn’t learnt the names of the shapes just yet. So we did the pointing game with shapes where students only got one chance to find the shape or word on the board. I also included a matching game on the board, so students had to match the shape with the word, it was not a complete success but they tried.

In the second lesson we started the cover of an All About Me book. We got Domdien to translate to explain the activity. This activity took most of the lesson as students had to write out All About Me, draw a picture and colour it in. If students had finished early they either finished their colour by number sheet from Friday or write out their homework which was, my name is ….. Ten times. As a whole school we went outside to finish the day not doing the cha cha slide but a counting game in a circle.

The next day we introduced mr shape head and a song for him but it didn’t really take off.

Currently off to elephants here, might finish bloglines there but also might. It LOL. This is the village immersion blog with concluding posts from the other teachers.

WE DID IT!! Four days of hot weather and hard work and we did it. We started our day with our usual breakfast and hurried off to the school anxious to finally finish our project. All morning everyone worked their tails off. The roof was the first step to be completed. Next was placing three walls…




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