Little update

Two days of teaching left but another week and a half until I head back home to Australia. I have Amity as my new co-teacher for my last week of teaching and the kids love her. I am still able to do some teaching but Amity leads the class the most. This week’s topic is numbers, which the children already know quite well, so we are mostly reviewing everything they have learnt, shapes, animals, toys, colours, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, classroom objects, actions and songs such as the hokey pokey, twinkle twinkle little star, the cha cha slide.

On Sunday I head to the elephant sanctuary for my last week and hoping to not need my crutches! I still need to get a few things, like an extra blanket, warm socks and a warm jacket because it will be very cold at night.

A week has past since my little tuk tuk accident and although I hoped to be walking on my own by now, the road rash on my foot is still healing and causing me pain which makes walking difficult. It is kept clean, there is no infection and a scab has formed on my ankle but the rest of it is still kind of raw. I went back to the hospital yesterday after school to get it cleaned and looked at by a nurse, who said it will take a few more day yet. It was quite a relief to hear because even though I am still in pain, my foot is healing as well as can be expected. When I got back to the hotel and showered, I missed dinner because I was so exhausted and a little relieved, that I slept nearly all he way through the night.

What my foot looked like on Saturday, now it is a little more pink than red but I haven’t had a chance to take a picture.



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