Why am I always hungry when studying?



I have noticed in the last few days, especially when I am studying, that I am always hungry and want to eat. On Wednesday I probably are every hour, and I tried to only eat when having a break. It got to a point where I had a protein shake, even after a large dinner of spaghetti, bolognese sauce and mushrooms galore. I was hungry an hour later and I wasn’t even studying!

Yesterday was Thursday and I had my 7 hours of classes back to back, plus an hour workshop o apostrophes (AKA English grammar is harder than Chinese). I was aware of this hunger problem from the day before and last Thursday, I had to eat every two hours.

Can you see how I am growing concern?

Therefore (smiley face cause I am starting my sentence with an smart word – I am such a teacher), therefore I have looked this problem up on Google and I am not sure what to believe, and I came across this link —>


There are several opinions:

1. I am not hungry just thirsty – However on the Wednesday I drank three 750 mL bottles of water, a cup of tea w/biscuits and a glass of green cordial. 

2. I am stress/bored eating – Most likely reason, if you read my posts before you will know that I have been having trouble concentrating in my first week while doing my readings.  

3. Need more exercise* – Well I usually do pilates/going to the gym in the morning or in the early afternoon, working around my timetable and I am doing this everyday.

* If you have read my last post you will know I didn’t have any exercise planned on Wednesday but that afternoon before dinner I did a pilates class. 

So, there are a lot of reasons for me being hungry and I would like to know if anyone else feels this way, or have experienced this? I am trying to eat healthy, so any snack ideas that are cheap would be helpful. 



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